Thursday, March 8, 2018

Female Engineer?

There I was.. scrolling through my You Tube feed, as this TEDx video came by: "Inspiring the next generation of female engineers". How did this video inspire me so much in only 20 minutes??

My study
Recently I started studying computer engineering. What made me choose this? First of all, I have changed my study preference as many times as the eyebrow trend keeps changing nowadays... Like I've gone from thinking about choosing a fashion designing study to a business study, from a medical study to a spacial development study. And then an engineering study.. I think you've got the idea know! I changed my study preference A LOT!

It's really hard to choose a study, specially for someone like me, who literally overthinks EVERY SINGLE situation! I have always been someone who likes to do creative stuff. In fact I love creating stuff, like doing DIY's, create a blogpost or even thinking about a creative new idea for a school project. I really love thinking about a different, original way of creating something. This is really something I could do for hours, just brainstorming to make something original. So I knew that I would like to do something where I create stuff.
Now as I also have quite some people in my family working in this field, like my dad.
I chose this study because this is actually something where you can really directly work for creating new innovations for the future. You can do quite a lot of things in this field and you have to think creative! You have to think of solutions to make something work better, you have to come up with new ideas to create new innovations and so on.
Out of all these things there is also one thing that motivated me a lot... We need more female engineers!

Female and male technical?
It's always been kind of pushed into our heads that boys prefer technical stuff and girls quite the opposite. Now I've always wondered how? This has to do something the way society makes an image of what boys are more likely to be like and girls. This is one of the things Debbie Sterling explains perfectly in her speech. I really was amazed by how she explained this misperception.

Now people are more likely to see boys doing an engineering study. This is true! Only about 10% percent of all the engineering students are women. This is because a lot of girls already decide this is nothing for them, before even knowing what engineering really is. It's been printed into their heads! And even when a girl bravely starts the study, it's really hard to carry on. You are in the minority and you feel that a lot! You think that if there are so many boys doing this study, maybe this really is something boys might be better at! Actually you feel like you are the one that knows nothing, and everyone already knows everything. I can tell you with a little experience that this is not true! Everyone has their own struggles, and you are definitely not the only one having a difficult time doing something completely new.
This is just something you're are doing out of your comfort zone and it's just a phase. Being in the minority makes this worse, but hey, change begins at the end of your comfort zone!

These are a couple of things Debbie also explains really well in her presentation! Also everything she says about how she is or how she thinks about some things,(I'm not exaggerating), is like me!! I've never been a really technical girl or something, I only knew that I love to be creative, I wasn't really different from all the other girls either.
Debbie just speaks my mind! I'm so inspired! If you just watch the video you'll understand what I'm talking about!

Debbie created GoldieBlox. This is a great way to introduce young girls to engineering at a young age. It teaches them, that engineering is creating anything you want! You can literally build anything with engineering! To understand what GoldieBlox exactly is, watch the video below! Or go to You Tube directly here: Video Debbie Sterling on TEDx

Trust me this is a very inspiring video for everyone!

Video: "Inspiring the next generation of female engineers"-Debbie Sterling

Are you studying in a technical field, or are you a female engineer? I would love to hear of you! And uhm.. don't you also lowkey want a GoldieBlox toy now..? Comment your thoughts down below! 

HAPPY INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S DAY! I've been wanting to post this blogpost since a couple of weeks now, but today seems a great day for it:)


Friday, January 5, 2018

Sale Shopping Haul in January!

Hey everyone,

The Christmas sale has started!! That means I've mostly been shopping online and visiting shopping centers for the past few weeks/days. I bought so many things, like I literally went crazy with the shopping. For the past few days some orders have been arriving, and I thought I'd share some of them with you all! I have so many stuff to put on the blog, but maybe I might bore you with all the stuff, so I thought I'll just show some of the stuff I recently got.

By the way, I am so sorry for the bad quality of the photos. I need a new, good editing app, but for now I used..... uhm a Snapchat filter... Ugh I really hate this. As I always take pics with my phone, I want to edit them as good as possible and not just post them on my blog. I personally can't stand it when my photos are low quality. But for now I'll have to do it like this, at least until I find a good editing app.

So I hope you still enjoy this blog post!

1. Missguided Nude Faux Suede Platform Trainers

I'm so so happy with these trainers. My mom bought these for me and I loved them the minute I saw them. The pictures don't show the color as beautiful as they really are. They where I think about: 14 pounds in sale, which is like 15 euros.

I went to the Roermond shopping center (Designer outlet) and got these Nikes for 50 euros. The design isn't the newest.... but I loved the color of the sneakers and they weren't really as expensive as the newest Nikes. They are just a really comfy pair of shoes and they're cute, not a big fan of the holes in the front though.. Also the color of these sneakers is much more beautiful in real-life, than in the picture.

3. Knee high boots-Ellie Goulding Star collection 'van Haren'

I LOVE knee high boots, last year I got them from my best friends on my birthday with heels. I wear them on special occasions, like going on a dinner with my family or something. But I also wanted a pair that I could walk in a whole day without getting painful feet. So I really wanted to purchase a flat pair. Sooo the 'van Haren' had a BIG sale, and these where about 44,95 euros, and I got them for 29,95 euros! Yayy! 

4. Only blouse

5. Bershka sweater
I already got the yellow version of this sweater! As I loved it, I wanted more colors! This was the only one availably at the time I was shopping online, so I got this one!

6. Quay 'china doll' sunglasses

Okay so if you know me, you know I'm obsessed with sunglasses. But also that I LOVE the Quay sunnies. I've been wanting this 'China Doll clear' design for a really long time, so when I saw them online I immediately wanted to buy them!
And trust me, these sunnies are much more beautiful in real-life. I got them for 39,95 euro, which I was quite happy about .... but I just checked again and they are 24,95 now on Zalando.....-_- which is a bit upsetting...

7. Real techniques make up brushes and KIKO cosmetics

This real techniques brushes set was 30 euros and I got them for 18 euros! Really happy! Also bought some KIKO products! Like this kajal pencil and lip marker in shade 101.

Í also organized my make up products and this is how it looks!

8. Retro Desk lamp
My mom bought this Retro desk lamp for me today! I love the design and it really suits my room! And the light is so bright! Perfect for studying, specially if you are a person who studies better at night like me!

9. White Fishnet socks Primark 

10. Sweater Stradivarius
Again this sweater is much nicer in real-life! This sweater was 25 euros and I got it for 19,99!

11. Long Striped Blouse Stradivarius
I got this one for 20,00 euro.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post! Do you know any good photo editing apps? Let me know!

Also let me know if you bought any of this stuff or if you are planning to buy similar stuff. 

I also want to wish you a very HAPPY NEW YEAR! Have a wonderful 2018! 


Monday, October 2, 2017

Why I love shopping in The Hague City Center!

Hey Everyone,

The Hague is a special city for me, not only cause it's my home town, but because of the amazing shopping opportunity. The main The Hague center is just the best place to wander of in the beautiful shopping streets of the Hague. From big shops as Zara, H&M and Marks & Spencers to cute little coffee and tea shops!
There is this good, at home feeling vibe there, where I'm sure of, that even if you're not from here, you'll feel at home there, not just because of the amazing choices of shopping and food places, but also the friendly shop workers, who are always willing to help you and make you feel comfortable.
What I always say is that the The Hague City Center is my second home, because I feel so comfortable and happy when I'm there!

My great memories of the center:

Since I was like 6 or something my grandma and I visited the center and bougth a lot of amazing stuff, but our tradition was to always buy some Bram Ladash Fries! We still do it these days, and whenever I go shopping with her to The Hague center the memories of our other trips to the center come back! That's the main reason I love it so much there. Also last school year I've been there a couple of times with school. And I have so many great memories of being with my friends in the city, even if it was for school..haha. You can find the blog post I made about that time in the Hague here: Trip to The Hague City Center
The point is, you make great memories here, and this place will always be one of my favorite places to shop! So I always shop till I drop in this amazing place! Seriously you could walk here for hours without getting bored, I sure can and I'm sure you can too in this place! My shopping record here with my grandma is 8 hours! Yes, we walked through this center shopping the whole day!

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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Chowmahalla palace l Hyderabad-India

Hey Everyone, I just got back from India, and I must say this was the best India trip I ever went to! It's not only the shopping I love about India, (what most of my family & friends think..), it's much more than that! One of the best places I went is definitely the Chowmahalla palace! It's indescribably peaceful there, the only thing you hear is the wind blowing, birds and the water fountain, and of course some visitors:). That's probably one of my most favorite things about this place, for example outside the walls of the palace you hear cars, a lot of people and stuff, like it's so busy on the streets, but as soon as you enter the palace territory it's just you, the palace and the sounds of nature! And Oh my god, the details of the palace, like everything is so beautifully designed. Just beautiful!!
Another great thing about this place is, that it has so much information about the history of the king, the palace and just Indian culture all together! And with all that the entry price isn't even expensive, like 80 rupees, for adults,(that's about 1 euro or something) and for foreign tourists it's 200 rupees.. but still very cheap. To take pictures you pay 50 rupees extra and for videos 200 rupees extra.
If I lived here I would definitely come here at least once a week to read a book or something, just to relax a bit!
I'll put the links of some historical information about the palace below and also their official website!

Okay enough writing, enjoy the pictures I took at the palace!

This is King Nizam having a cup of tea:)


Details, details and detailsss...:)

I hope you enjoyed this post! Let me know if you have visited this palace before and let me know your thoughts on this beautiful place! If you have never visited this place, I definitively recommend this place if you have a thing for classic architecture and history or just want some time to relax!

I'm planning on dividing blog post of my trip to India, like this one was just for the palace, and I'll make one just for the the things I bought etc. So keep checking my blog if you like some Indian travel blog post!


Chowmahalla official website:
Chowmahalla prices, timing & other tourist information: